The lobby of the Asylum

Let’s set the story straight…

Let me begin by saying that I’m not your typical anything. I’m a proud Southern American. Yes I consider myself a southern, but no I’m honestly not a fan of hunting and fishing (but I’ll do it every now and then). Yes I’m American, but no I don’t belong to either political party. I vote how I feel is right, and yes that means I vote for both Democrats and Republicans. No I have no idea how to write a blog, but here I am writing a prologue for what I hope to become an incredibly popular and informative source of political news. I’m a man of contradictions but in the end aren’t we all? Maybe it’s just me. I honestly don’t care what people think of me but everyone should know one very important yet simple fact; I have a sense a duty to my country and my state. I am not perfect and I don’t try to pretend that I am; I just try to understand. The primary purpose of this blog is simply to raise awareness on the political life and structure in the state of Georgia. The country is embroiled with confusion on the choices for the presidential election, but hardly anyone is focusing on their congressional or state races. Georgia is currently facing a Senatorial race and 14 Congressional races. State legislative elections incorporate 56 state senate seats and 180 state house seats this November. There will be an attempt at regular weekly posts about these candidates, the races, and any other political news involving the state of Georgia. All the information provided will be fact-checked by at least two sources, which will be provided. I will not make any attempts to hide my personal opinions or those of others. This blog is dedicated to revitalizing the political spectrum of this great state and to raise awareness of the activities of this states’ executive, judicial, and legislative governing bodies. This is all done in the spirit of Georgia’s founding Trustees and their motto: Non sibi sed aliis, Not for self but for others.

~Zack, Non sibi sed allis

Twitter: @Zack_Hollis

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